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How To [BKEYWORD: 3 Strategies That Work

I know this gets asked all of the time but how long does it take for the trigger shot to get out of your system?The Remington 1911 R1 had a single jam occur with full metal jacket ammunition during a test shoot with GunDigest. Another problem encountered with the R1 includes an 80-style inte...February 2013. Hi, I just got done with my 5th iui on Follistim we got our first BFP 13 dp trigger. I had tested out of the trigger shot the day before! 16 days post trigger and 14 after iui we had our first blood test 170 and two days later 489! So all is looking good.Etoile33. Aug 30, 2011 at 7:48 AM. Hi everyone, I'm new here, but have been reading everyone's helpful posts for a while now. I took at test at 7 dpo, and got a BFN. Wasn't too concerned because i knew it was still early. Took a test this morning at work, 11 dpo (I know, silly, but I couldn't wait a second longer).Hello! I had my first iui last Wednesday (6dpo) and I am 8dpt! I took the ovidrel 250 shot. I have a beta scheduled for 14dpo, but honestly if I am pregnant,…Oct 3, 2011 · My experience is that you are looking at a bfp!!! I test out each month, and so far in 7 months work of triggers I have never had the trigger go past 9 or 10 days past the trigger shot with 10 ...Jan 16, 2011 · I just tested with first morning urine and got a BFP ! I had a trigger shot 13 days ago ( Jan. 3 5pm) O'd Wed morning ( Jan. 5 ) I have a Dr. appt. Wed for a pregnancy test.Mar 11, 2011. #18. Yes I tested negative on what to my best guess was 11dpo and then when I tested again on the morning of 13dpo there was BARELYYYYY a line there on the most sensitive test I could find (dollar tree) it was so so faint but enough to make me go and get a blood test. And my beta that day was 20. T.e. Emchan2. Posted 11-23-20. I’m 12dpt, 10dpiui— I’m pulling a faint line in frer, cheapies look finally like the trigger is out. Do you see the line on the frer and is it the start of a bfp? Kind of going crazy over here 😞 I’ll take another frer with fmu tomorrow, and another cheapie on a 4hr hold tonight.Oh gosh, test! I've never had a bfp after my iui, so I just want to say good luck! I'm too weak, I test every day after to test out the trigger, and then just for giggles. I'm the bad influence who urges women to test away, so …Hello! This is my first post! I took Ovidrel 13 days ago and had an IUI 12 days ago. I first tested at 11 days after trigger and 10 dpiui and got a faint positive on FRER. Today, at 13 days past trigger and 12 dpiui, I got a much darker positive on FRER. Before we get excited, is this a real...I'm 9dpiui/10dpt. I decided to test today, and I see a line, but I'm not sure if it's just remaining trigger shot or the start of a BFP? I guess I'll just have to keep testing to really know. How long did your trigger linger?Oct 3, 2023 · The amount of hCG needed to trigger that second line will depend on what brand and kind of test you use. Studies show that by the time of a missed period, the home pregnancy test will be 98% accurate. However, it can also be affected by the time of day you test! The first pee in the morning is generally best for getting a BFP. This is the when ...4 days ago · I am 6 dpt and I was trying to test out my trigger but all tests are negative. ... IVF #1 transferred two great looking embryos - BFP! First ultrasound: TWO beautiful little heartbeats!! Harmony: negative; level 2: babies look great and are boy/girl! ... If you get a neg on the frer then you know the cheepies were working.I started shaking and getting so excited, and then I remembered that it very well could have been the HCG trigger shot that I got 11+days before (some say it stays in your system 10-12 days). I of course couldn't sleep and at 4:30 had to pee soooo bad, so I used the ony test I had in the house - a clearblue digital. It said NOT PREGNANT.Posted 12-02-18. Hi ladies, Ttc #1 here for 2 years now after two miscarriages, the last one was in Sep last year at 7 weeks. I'm on Femara 5mg cd 3-7 , cd 16 trigger (Feb 1 this cycle) and baby aspirin this time. I'm currently 11 days past a Pregnyl 5000 trigger. Tested in the evening today and got a very very faint positive on a FRER.Second time around when we did IVF and I was on my 3rd FET and had been embroiled in secondary infertility hell for 3 years, I had no chill at all and started testing out my trigger on 2dp5dt. It ...Kirrily50. Jul 15, 2013 at 12:04 AM. So I am not 3.5 days past my 5dt. They transferred a 5day blastie that was already hatching. I have a couple of symptoms, my breasts are a little tender, huge headache yesterday and today and feeling a little ill this afternoon. So I took a pregnancy test and I got a faint BFP.According to a 2008 study it can take up to two days for there to be enough hCG in your urine for you to get a bfp after implantation bleeding. This is because implantation normally occurs around 8-10 days after ovulation. This means that for the vast majority of women taking a test two days after this that they should get a positive test result.Bfp then bfn now really faint bfp. Hi:) i''Ve had a miscarriage in oct of 2018 it's been so sad knowing my baby was gonna be almost 8 months old in my belly now but god knows best it is what it is. Anyways i took a pregnancy test yesterday afternoon and it was a bfp with a few feet away then i took 2 in the evening without no hesitation ...Yes. With my first I felt very dizzy and swore I was preggo 10 dpo. I got a bfn and was totally bummed. 13 dpo I took one on a whim and it was a bfp! This time I did not think I was preggo, took a test 13 dpo and it was questionable. Got my bfp 15 dpo (the day my period was due). Good luck!My 10,000iu Pregnyl trigger shot tested out by 2dp5dt and began getting darker again the next day with internet cheapies. I tested positive on a Walmart 88 cent purple test and first response on 3dp5dt. Like. h. h0rsew1z. Aug 21, 2020 at 6:53 AM. @LBChick, oh wow.clickclocktock. •. Remember the trigger day isnt the same aa ovulation day. I usually ovulated 24 to 48 hours after ovidrel. That's the reason a lot of REs do iuis around 36 hours after trigger. So while you're 12 days past trigger, you might only be 10 days past ovulation. You definitely still have a chance. Reply.One hit wonders are popular songs everyone loves to sing long after the artist has faded back into obscurity. These songs get the crowd going every time, but if you played another ...Dx : DOR IUI #1 (Follistim switched over to Menopur injections) - BFN Attempted IUI #2 (Menopur injections only cycle) better response on the Menopur then the Follistim combination treatment cycle however my cycle was still canceled due to my eggs not maturing and follicles not growing enough on a high dose of Menopur (Re said I could try a cycle of comid + ovidrel for an IUI) for my second ...That test looks like an indent, not a BFP, which FRER has been pretty terrible about lately. I'm so sorry, hon. I hope that you do end up with a BFP though. Well I am 13dpiui and just took another FRER this morning at 4am and has another faint line. I know with my baby #1 I didnt get a positive until cd32.Hello! This is my first post! I took Ovidrel 13 days ago and had an IUI 12 days ago. I first tested at 11 days after trigger and 10 dpiui and got a faint positive on FRER. Today, at 13 days past trigger and 12 dpiui, I got a much darker positive on FRER. Before we get excited, is this a real...To test out the trigger, you start testing early and keep testing until the trigger disappears or until it fades and then starts getting darker every day. This way you will be able to …But it is different for everyone. I believe when I tested it out, it was about 12-13 days after trigger. MOST people see it gone in 10 days (those who test it out). However, I wouldn't test any earlier than 13dp trigger, to reduce the risk of a false +. 13dp is about 11dpo, which is a little early anyway.I started testing on 5 days post-trigger and I continued testing until 14 days post-IUI (15 days post-trigger). The test line started out positive, faded to negative by 9 days post-trigger, and then never came back. I was absolutely miserable and never want to put myself through this again.I'm currently 9 days post booster HCG shot and 12/13 days past IUI. I've been testing out the booster shot and it had been getting lighter and was pretty faint actually, until yesterday. Yesterday, that second line got significantly darker. Now I normally test when I get home from work, around 5:30 but I couldn't wait that long today and tested ...Trigger BFP March 22, 2024 | by mama12121022 I tested my trigger out everyday and I got BFNs 8dpt (6dpo) I got a BFP 9dpo and it’s gotten darker today 10dpo.I called my fertility clinic to schedule a hcg blood test and they refused to even schedule me until I call back on Wednesday (15dpo)...For those of you who have tested out your trigger.. Can you post your progression pictures? If you got a BFP did it fade completely and then go positive or…Sep 28, 2020 · So I decided to test out my trigger shot this ivf cycle and see if I could figure out when the trigger had fully left my system and then hope to see the lines darken when hopefully I got my bfp.. this morning was 9days post trigger and line was super faint and took a while to show, as I expected. Then, for some mental reason, i decided to test ...No. You cannot get a BFP after you've had your period. Remember - your period only occurs when an egg is not fertilized, meaning you are not pregnant and would not test positive for pregnancy. However, it's important to note that an early sign of pregnancy may be light bleeding and spotting. This is called implantation bleeding, and it ...I am so sorry. This is not a bfp is a post of testing out triggers and what real-life experiences are with how long it has stayed in other people's bodies. I don't think I have a bfp. I gave the information about a + hpt as it relates to testing out a trigger. But I guess I need to learn more about the protocols of this board.Hello all! We are TTC no 1 after 3 losses in 2020. We are on second cycle of clomid and trigger shot amd i'm currently 8dpo and been testing out trigger which is getting lighter. I was just wondering if there is any one on here able to share the date they got their BFP after trigger shot? I'm also having...Those who have gotten their BFPs with IUI and tested out their trigger shot… April 24, 2024 | by Sunshinebabie … did you get a stark white negative after testing the trigger out and then gone on to getting their faint positive or bfp??Or did a faint line from the trigger shot still remain, which then started getting darker again as you ...Jul 4, 2011 · Dec 5, 2011. #1. This cycle we finally decided to go to a reproductive specialist. He didn't waste time seeing if I am ovulating or not, he just jumped right into treatment. I took Letrozole CD 3-7 and late in the evening of CD 15 I gave myself an injection of 10,000 units of HCG after an ultrasound confirmed 2 large follicles on the right side.We're a community of people who are trying to get pregnant, so by definition, many of us have no experience of ever having a BFP, let alone a miracle 7+ weeks-late BFP. You'll get more reliable results contacting your doctor (who can run a blood test and do an examination, etc.) than by asking strangers on the internet to make guesses about yr ......

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Jan 2, 2023 · Some women may progress testing out trigger to BFP (big fat positive) pregnancy...

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Still early but testing out my trigger from IUI to see if test gets darkerThoughts on bottom tests (today)...

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So torn...tested today and got 3 BFP's on FRER, but I'm 11dpt. I don't dare get e...

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We have read some people also start testing the day after trigger to watch it fade and the...

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Didn't test out the shot to make sure it was gone! I read. "Most doctors recommend that you wait 14 day...

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